The O’Jays Made Me Cry

There are a few things that cause our minds to immediately travel back in time…scents, tastes, and music.

I was in the process of curating a dope Christmas playlist on my Apple Music and had started by creating a station using the O’Jays’ I Can Hardly Wait For Christmas. What I didn’t realize was that the station wouldn’t just play Christmas music, but it’d play all old school tunes. So I was sitting on the edge of my bed, listening to songs and adding them to my playlist as I saw fit. And then a familiar song that I really like came on; Darlin Darlin Baby by the O’Jays. Because I like it, I let it play. Maybe 30 seconds into the song, I began to cry.

This was one of my daddy’s songs. As I sat on the edge of my bed, I could see him bobbing and bopping as he sang along singing to my momma. My daddy loved music, and to this day it is the only thing that brings me to tears in regards to him. I can think about him all day long, and while I miss him and am sad that he’s no longer here, I’m not likely to cry. Play one of his favorite songs though, and I can’t hold back the tears.

I sat and listened to the entire song. I cried. I smiled and laughed at the memory of him dancing and singing along. The O’Jays made me cry…and I welcomed it. It was a good cry. Grief never leaves. It manifests and is triggered at various times and in various ways. I appreciate the way it made an appearance this particular time.

You’re my darlin’, darlin’, baby
You’re my darlin’, darlin’, love
You’re my darlin’, darlin’, baby



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