Necessary Storms

“He who sends the storms, steers the vessel.”

Sometimes, over the course of our lives, we assume we know what’s best…and we [attempt] to do just that. Many times, what we consider to be what’s best for us is not really what God has purposed. And then there are the times when we know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the course we are on is not even close to God’s plan…but we take that route anyway.

You’re on a ship, sailing west. You should be sailing northeast. The waters from time to time become hard to navigate, heavy winds and large waves almost knock you off course. Finally, a huge storm hits and you can no longer control the ship. Its cold, wet, tumultuous, and terrifying. Eventually, the storm subsides and things calm down, but you are completely off course. You have no sense of direction and are completely at the mercy of the waters and winds.

Imagine that storm was allowed by God for the sole purpose of getting you off course, because that’s not the way He wanted you to go. He subtly tried to push you in the right direction with winds and waves, but those attempts were disregarded.

Whispers are easily ignored when you’re loud and wrong.

Sometimes storms come because life happens. Other times, they come because it’s necessary for us to be pushed back into God’s will. Having been through storms of both kinds, I must admit that I am so appreciative of God’s great love for me. He would rather allow me to go through storms that will draw me back into the safety of His arms than allow me to perish in peaceful waters.



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